AquaDry™ Instant Hair Drying Towel

AquaDry™ Instant Hair Drying Towel

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Color: Lavender

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This Magical Towel Dries Your Hair In Half The Time

Tired of the hassle of drying your hair every morning? Introducing AquaDry, our patented towel that lets you finish your morning routine in half the time!

  • Quick Drying - Special Aquatex™ fabric absorbs water much faster than regular towels, making washing your hair a breeze!
  • Go Ahead, Be Gentle - Exposure to heat breaks open cuticles, creates fissures in the hair strand, and extracts the natural moisture contained within hair. That’s why blow dryers are best used to style, not dry, hair.
  • Comfortable - Made with super soft microfibers to keep your head and hair snug while drying.
  • Stays in Place - AquaDry is designed to stay secure on your head so you can do just about anything while waiting for your hair to dry. 
  • Super Absorbant - AquaDry features a super-soft hybrid Aquatex™ fiber that absorbs water quickly and efficiently, up to 4 times its weight!
  • Consistently Perfect - With a blowdryer, you always run the risk of over-blowdrying and ruining your beautiful hair. With the AquaDry, you can achieve perfectly dry hair. Every. Single. Time.
  • Super Easy to Use - Your perfect hair is mere steps away. All you have to do is simply wrap the AquaDry in three easy steps.
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